Rivers Cuomo Rules!

Rivers Cuomo é o líder do Weezer. Tem um diploma de Harvard. E vive falando coisas interessantes (que muitas vezes levam à autoreflexão). Como as relatadas abaixo, postadas por ele no Twitter:

Why am I so mean sometimes?

Working out at the gym, check-ups at the doctor and the dentist, feeling great, but life is still a battle that I will lose.”

There’s no point working this incredibly hard if we’re not going to spend the money to make our lives somewhat comfortable.

You’re wrong to think you’ll keep repeating the same mistakes. Every mistake is unique.

Don’t be elated with the solving of a problem. You’re just making room for the next problem.

There would be no solutions without problems.

Keepin’ it surreal.

What’s the point of it all?

It’s good to be humble. That way you don’t feel so bad when you do something stupid.

Killing time until I die.

Don’t believe everything you think.


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